Hello. I'm Rosemary Taylorson,

a trained and accredited Humanists UK celebrant. 

I conduct personal and flexible non-religious naming, wedding and funeral ceremonies within reach of the South West London area and into parts of Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hampshire, for those who have chosen to live without religion.

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The ritual and words of a religious wedding service may not fit with your outlook on life.

You may feel that the laws governing a Register Office ceremony that control what is said and done, and where a wedding can be held, are too restrictive.

If you would like to plan your own unique ceremony that is dignified and deeply personal, then contact me to discuss a humanist wedding that is tailor made for you.  

'We have lots and lots of happy memories, and you helped to make them...!' 'We got a lot of compliments on the ceremony.'

More and more people are choosing a secular ceremony to welcome babies and children into their midst, or to celebrate their older children and family, and to declare their commitment and love in front of their family and friends. 

Contact me to find out about arranging a unique personalised ceremony to welcome your baby or child, adopted or stepchild, into your family and into the human community.

'We appreciated how well you balanced the ceremony between seriousness and fun. We found it very moving and I know that others did too.'

If your loved-one was not religious, you will find a humanist funeral ceremony both personal and dignified. The ceremony focuses on the life of the person who has died, celebrating their achievements and character, with music, tributes and readings.

Nothing in the ceremony will offend those who are religious, and people of all persuasions often comment on how uplifted they feel. 

'We are all so delighted with the top quality ceremony you presented.

You have a lovely delivery style and it brought to life the man everyone had known.'

‘We think you did an outstanding job, and would recommend your services to everyone.’

‘Your compassion and empathy was palpable’

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Why choose a Humanist ceremony?

Most of us want to mark important transitions in our lives, sharing these milestone occasions with family and friends. Where religion is less important, a humanist ceremony is likely to have more warmth and meaning. 

You do not have to be a 'humanist' or sign up to anything to use a humanist celebrant, but simply prefer a personal and non-religious ceremony. You need not be concerned that humanism itself will be stressed in any of the ceremonies unless you request it. By focussing on people and celebrating their lives, humanism underpins each ceremony. 

Humanists UK trains, accredits, insures and supports a national network of celebrants to conduct naming, wedding and funeral ceremonies for those looking for a non-religious alternative. With over 300 celebrants, Humanists UK is the largest and longest-established organisation offering non-religious and humanist ceremonies by trained celebrants in the UK.

Whatever the circumstance, a humanist celebrant is not there to preach, moralise or judge - but to understand. Together with you, we can plan a personal ceremony and conduct it for you on the day.


Feedback forms show that 97% of clients rate our celebrants’ performance as 5/5 or ‘excellent’. To leave feedback after a ceremony, click here.

Where are we?

Humanist Ceremonies™ offers non-religious ceremonies throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In Scotland, these ceremonies are offered by the Humanist Society Scotland.

What is Humanism?

Humanism is a positive ethical stance, not just an atheistic or agnostic one, believing in the innate goodness of humans and their capacity to live good lives without religion. Humanists care deeply about moral issues but from a non-religious standpoint.

Humanists accept that our present life is our only life, not just preparation for life after death. They believe that, in this one life, we have to make meaning and purpose for ourselves. Humanists are positive, gaining inspiration and meaning from our lives and experiences, from art and culture, and from a rich natural world.  

2013 Debate in the House of Lords on humanist weddings.

Lord Birt: "Humanism is a movement. It is not bound together by belief in a supreme being or a formal body of doctrine, but by ethical conviction, a belief in rationality and the virtues of science, respect for nature and a commitment to optimise the sum total of human happiness here on earth," he said. "Anyone who has ever attended a humanist ceremony of any kind will attest to its spiritual power, to the sense that it viscerally captures and conveys a strong sense of community feeling and the wonder of human existence."

'At our reception I heard at least six people say that was the sort of service they would want to have'

'I really enjoyed that. I didn't know you could have a ceremony like this.'

'[My] Spanish contingent were astonished that without the religious element they were so moved by the ceremony.'

'Thank you Rosemary!! Mum's memorial celebration would not have been nearly so special without your expertise. You were wonderful.'

'Just wanted to say thank you again for making our wedding ceremony so special. You made it absolutely perfect for us. We have had many people saying how much they enjoyed it. We are very glad we took the Humanist Ceremony route and even more glad we booked you.'

By Antoine de St. Exupéry

It is not by things that we live,

but by the meanings of things.

So we need to transmit the passwords

from generation to generation.

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